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What, precisely is a fractal?
A fractal is an image generated using mathematics. The term fractal describes a shape or object that looks like itself, even when divided into pieces. In nature, clouds, mountains, trees and coastlines are examples of fractals. Their structure is the same, or nearly the same, independent of the scale at which they are being viewed. These images represent a particular view and scale of a mathematical fractal structure or formula but, like the examples from nature, you will find similar structures as you zoom in or out of the display region.
How are our fractals produced?
We use a custom program entirely designed and created by Kristin and John Dumas. Each image is produced by specifying a mathematical formula that will be executed and rendered by the program. We work together to ensure that our images not only reflect the grandeur of the mathematics that underlies them but our stringent artistic standards as well. We are dedicated to producing work that is entirely original, unique and distinctive and sincerely hope you'll enjoy and appreciate our innovative approach to creating beautiful modern and abstract art.