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What is a fractal?

  A fractal is an image generated using mathematics. The term fractal describes a shape or object that looks like itself, even when divided into pieces. In nature, clouds, mountains, trees and coastlines are examples of fractals. Their structure is the same, or nearly the same, independent of the scale at which they are being viewed. These images represent a particular view and scale of a mathematical fractal structure or formula, but like the examples from nature, you will find similar structures as you zoom in or out of the display region.
About our fractals

We use a custom program, Fract-O-Rama!, entirely designed and created by us. Each image is produced by specifying a mathematical formula that will be executed and rendered by the program. We work together to ensure that our images reflect the beauty of the mathematics used to create them. We are dedicated to producing work that is entirely original, unique and distinctive and sincerely hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate our innovative approach to creating beautiful modern and abstract art.

About the Artists


John graduated from Texas A&M in 1990 with degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He ultimately became interested in computer programming and now works as a contract software developer and programming teacher in the Houston area. His love of math, programming and art ultimately led to the creation of the program, Fract-O-Rama!, that he and Kristin use to make their fractal images.

Kristin has a degree in Computer Graphic Arts and has worked as a freelance graphic designer, and currently puts her focus on her own artwork and fractals. She has competed in a number of shows, and currently serves a steering judge for the HLSR School Art Competition. She also volunteers her time with the Lake Houston Area Artists. While John has been involved in making fractals since college, their level of quality and aesthetic appeal improved significantly once Kristin started getting involved. In addition to authoring new fractals, she is also responsible for choosing the best view and color palette for each image.

Contact Us

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Exploring the synthesis between Art and Mathematics