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Everybody and his brother has written a fractal generation program, and this page is the homepage of mine. Here is a list of some of Fract-O-Rama's features:

  • Available on both win32 and unix, due to the fact that it was written using Qt, the excellent cross-platform GUI toolkit.

  • Comes with full source (though on windows you'll probably want to download one of the pre-built binary packages as you will likely only be able to build the program on win32 if you own a Qt license)

  • Designed for flexibility - all fractals are specified using Fract-O-Rama's fractal scripting language so it is possible to explore a wider variety of fractal types than with many other generating programs.

Please make your selection:

All downloads include full documentation as well as many example formula files.

Current version: 1.7.0, version history

Exploring the synthesis between Art and Mathematics