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My (John's) mother, Linda Dumas is an exceptionally talented artist. Her website features her pottery (including raku), abstract paintings, realistic work and mixed media pieces Kristin is also an artist in her own right, creating in ink, colored pencil and paint. Visit her personl site, A Tiny Inkling, to see her creations.
The website of my friend, Donald Hawes. A great guy and computer repair specialist. If you're in the Kingwood area, he'll come right to your house and sort out whatever problems you've got - he makes it go ;-). We recently had both our master bathroom and kitchen redone by the owner of the kingwood remodeling web site, Howard Weaver. Howard's professionalism and craftsmanship were beyond reproach, he is an excellent choice for any home improvement project.
If you live in an area where hurricanes are common, you really need a home generator system. In the Houston area, there is no better choice than Home Generator Systems. If you live in the Greater Houston area, they will deliver and place the generator on the site where it will be installed at no additional charge. Michael Harris, a professional musician and guitar teacher with three decades of teaching experience is based in Lewisville, Texas and is a fantastic instructor. His web site for guitar lessons is: Guitar Lessons Lewisville.
If you are in the market for high-quality, low-price quilt fabric, please visit The Kitty Quilter for all of your Discount Quilt Fabric needs.  

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